UCLA Alumnus, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Launches Nantworks, LCC in Silicon Beach

Company Will Combine Advanced Communications and Computing Technologies in “Silicon Beach” to Benefit Healthcare, Science, Justice System, Media and Entertainment

From Nantworks:

“Los Angeles, September 6th, 2011- Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, announced today that he has formed a new company, NantWorks LLC, which will combine several technology businesses into a single entity for the purpose of bringing the digital revolution to the service of healthcare, education, science and the justice system, as well as taking digital entertainment to an entirely new level.

The range of technologies in the NantWorks portfolio affects the entire continuum of advanced communications. It includes state of the art semiconductor chips, switches and encryption technologies, augmented reality, novel object and voice recognition technologies, broadband telecommunications services and ultra-low power remote monitoring devices.

“The convergence of all these technologies under one company enables us to bring a true digital revolution to many aspects of people’s lives,” Dr. Soon-Shiong said. “This goes way beyond media and entertainment – though what we are doing we are confident will take the digital aspects of these industries to a new level. It includes areas where advances in technology are most severely needed, such as healthcare and scientific research, education and even within our justice system…”

NantWorks LLC [web]


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