Santa Monica-based, Science Inc., Gets Ready to Launch its First Batch of Startups

In LA, Science will provide a tremendous amount of support to the scene and in the next few years, you’ll start seeing VCs like the Fred Wilson’s of the world here.

From TheNextWeb:

“What does it take to create a “tech scene”? Entrepreneurs, startups, coworking spaces, venture capital, mentors and angel investors are among the numerous ingredients required for a flourishing ecosystem.

Just off the boardwalk in Santa Monica, California, you’ll find Science Inc., a new “technology studio” that was founded in November of last year for budding startups in Los Angeles. Former MySpace CEO Mike Jones is the man behind the project, along with industry veterans Peter Pham (Color, Photobucket), Ryan Sit (Myspace, Tsavo), Mike Macadaan (Urbandig, Twiistup) and Tom Dare (MySpace, Tsavo). And yes, Science Inc. is composed of quite a few Myspace connections…”

Science Inc. [web] [Twitter: @scienceinc]
SoCalTECH Interview: Mike Jones on Science Inc.’s First Firms [web]

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