LA-based, Viddy, is a Hit at SXSW

It’s been a good year so far for Silicon Beach, L.A.’s alternative to the better-known, better-financed Silicon Valley.

From LA Times:

“Reporting from Austin, Texas— A year ago, South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW) wasn’t even on JJ Aguhob’s radar. He was hard at work developing a mobile app idea — a sort of Instagram for videos — but was still a month away from launch.

A lot has changed.

On Monday, Aguhob, Viddy’s founder, and his chief marketing officer, Evan White, rolled through the streets of downtown Austin, where thousands of attendees have descended on the city for the annual tech fest, and he heard shouts of recognition along the way.

“We were literally driving the pedicab over and people were like, ‘Viddy!’” said Aguhob, marveling at the company’s sudden rise…”

Viddy [web]
SXSW News and Updates [web]


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