Start-Ups In L.A.: Growing Scene Is Almost Famous

Computer science students graduating from UCLA don’t just want jobs, they want to be Steve Jobs

From Forbes:

“In a way, it’s a Hollywood story. Young-ish hopefuls, vying for the attention and dollars of larger, older, more experienced agents (of sorts), who will bring money, connections, and attention their way, launching their careers.

Only the players here don’t want to be actors. They’re starting businesses. Start-ups in Los Angeles — they are a growing population of social media riffs, mobile apps, cleverly-named development companies, video platforms, and every shade of web curation all competing for dollars in a company town.

Evidence of the growing zeitgeist was on display Tuesday night at Start Engine, Los Angeles’ largest accelerator, as they hosted their inaugural Investor Demo Day, at which their ten new companies presented ideas in 5-minute pitches.

This group was the first batch of start-ups Start Engine has sent through its 90-day fast-track program. Created by Activision co-founder Howard Marks and Bristol Capital Advisors founder Paul Kessler, Start Engine is aiming to make L.A. a top tech entrepreneur city…”

Start Engine [web]


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