UCLA Fireside Chat with Eric Ries @ LeanLA, 19 Mar

The decision of doing a startup yourself vs. joining a startup is based on each person’s tolerance for embarrassment.

From StartupFounder Info:

“When you’re launching (do’er) your startup or thinking (slacker) about one, the buzz words these days are “minimum viable product” and “lean startup.” If you’re not familiar where they originated, look up Eric Ries, the author of The Lean Startup. Early this week, I attended the sold out Fireside Chat with Eric Ries, sponsored by LeanLA and StartupUCLA, held at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall, to hear the man preach to the masses of entrepreneurs.

Humble Beginnings. Eric discussed that he had always been programming and he had an intuition that agile development had a future. However, even though he believed it had a future, he also found that agile development just helped him build stuff that people would not use. It was basically launch and learn. When he did it, he found that it was working but he couldn’t explain how and a lot of VCs wouldn’t invest due to the failure of tech due diligence. So then he spent a lot of time trying to figure it out…”

LeanLA [web]


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