MuckerLab’s Inaugural Demo Day Unveils Nine Los Angeles-Based Tech Start Ups

We are consistently impressed by the quality and sophistication of the entrepreneurs we meet every day here in the LA startup ecosystem and feel fortunate to be investors and advisors to the nine phenomenal businesses in our Winter 2012 cohort.

From MarketWatch:

“MuckerLab, a startup accelerator focused on incubation-stage Internet software, services and media ventures in the Los Angeles market, today (April 26, 2012) announced it will introduce nine new tech start-ups as part of its inaugural, invitation-only Demo Day on today starting at 1 p.m. As part of Demo Day, the start-up companies will officially present themselves, making their first public pitches to potential investors and press at the MuckerLab headquarters in Los Angeles.

In addition to presentations to hundreds of potential investors, the Demo Day will also feature opportunities for investors to meet companies one-on-one. Companies presenting at MuckerLab’s Demo Day include:

Instacanvas, a marketplace for social media art and artifacts.

Laffster, a distribution and discovery platform for premium comedic content through YouTube, and beyond.

Lifecrowd, a marketplace for social activities connecting people, interests and culture.

Penango, browser-based encryption and security solutions for cloud applications.

Surf Air, a membership-based, private airline that brings the ease and comfort of flying private to a new audience.

Retention Science, a big data retention-marketing platform for e-commerce.

Ecinity, an online marketing service that uses AI to automatically attract new customers – with little or no work required. The founding team comes from companies like Google, Yahoo, and AT&T.

OttoLikes Lab, an interest curation engine that’s pioneering an entirely new category of algorithms to provide consumers with ideas for online and offline products and services.

Wallaby Financial, a network-branded (Visa) payment card that dynamically routes transactions across a consumer’s existing credit cards to maximize rewards, cash back or savings…”

MuckerLab [web]


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