Santa Monica City Offers New Technology Program to Recent Graduates

Capitalizing on the creative technology community in Santa Monica, this program will engage students with hands-on projects and expose them to career opportunities in IT and private tech startup ventures.

From Santa Monica Dispatch:

“The City of Santa Monica Information Systems, Community and Cultural Services, and Housing and Economic Development departments have collaborated to launch a new program to facilitate career opportunities in technology for Santa Monica young people. The program will also develop the city’s tech workforce for the growing number of tech companies launching in Santa Monica.

The Youth Technology Program places 12 students in a week-long technology rotation to review specialized IT functions within an enterprise operating environment. Students will then spend five weeks going through the launch of a startup in the supportive environment of Coloft, a Santa Monica tech incubator that has taken part in several successful startups.

“This program will connect local youth with their government and provide them with skills they need for jobs in the local tech economy,” said Jory Wolf, Chief Information Officer for the City of Santa Monica. “With the tech sector rapidly developing into one of the most important segments of our local economy, what better way to sustain it than to grow our own local tech workforce?”

Youth Technology Program and Application [web]
Coloft [web]


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