LA Accelerator StartEngine Launches 14 Startups At Spring 2012 Demo Day

On Thursday, June 21, 2012, Start Engine, the rapid startup accelerator in Los Angeles, gave the spotlight to 14 new startup companies during its Spring 2012 Demo Day. More than 350 guests, including press and investors, were in attendance.

From Rackspace/StartEngine:

“In preparation for their debut over the last 90 days, the Start Engine companies were paired with proven business mentors who focused their expertise on helping build the business plan, brand, marketing and product development. Collaboration with other startups is highly encouraged as well at Start Engine. And the Rackspace Startup Program would like to congratulate to the 14 companies that launched during the Spring 2012 Class at Start Engine.

The setting for Start Engine Demo Day was Silicon Beach Fest, a three-day gathering taking place at a variety of venues from Hollywood to Venice Beach to Santa Monica. It focused on celebrating and growing the up and coming tech community in Los Angeles. Local incubators, accelerators and tech-related business supported the event, which spotlighted online video, social, mobile and gaming.

What follows is a summary of Start Engine’s 14 companies from the Spring Class of 2012…”

StartEngine [web]


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