Silicon Valley vs. Silicon Beach? Tech Start-Ups Flock to L.A.

It sounds strange that the world’s entertainment capital, and the second largest city in the country, would be seen as a “startup” in anything.

From CNBC:

“Southern California has sun, surf… And now silicon.

“Silicon Beach”, as it’s being called, is attracting talent and funding for tech startups, entrepreneurs drawn to L.A.’s ability to brand and sell ideas…plus the weather.

“L.A. is such a hustler mentality,” says Tony Adam, a former Paypal executive who’s come to Silicon Beach to launch EventUp, a website that rents out locations for events. “Everyone wants to help each other.”

“This is a place where people have come for years to make dreams happen, so why shouldn’t they come here to make their technology dreams happen?” asks Michael Weir, a Silicon Valley transplant who is now Chief Marketing Officer for Sparqlight, an enterprise software startup in Santa Monica…”

Sparqlight [web]
Science, Inc. [web]


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