Santa Monica’s BeachMint Co-Founder Diego Berdakin Dispenses Advice For New Entrepreneurs

For others, the company is their job, while for the founders, it’s their life.

From TheDishDaily:

“Diego Berdakin, co-founder of the social commerce company BeachMint, shared his advice on entrepreneurship as part of the StartupUCLA speaker series on Wednesday July 24th.

To begin the talk, Diego joked about his experience working on several different startups that failed to pan out, referring to himself as “the most prominent unsuccessful entrepreneur in Los Angeles”.

Diego reminded the audience that every unsuccessful venture is an opportunity to learn. Switching to what it takes to build a successful business, Diego highlighted the strengths of small budding companies, reminding the audience that passion and audacity are more crucial to success than big investments or big earnings.

Now an angel investor himself, Diego said that when deciding to invest in a company, he looks at the entrepreneurs’ vision, their drive, and whether they are committed to accomplishing that vision. “If someone is genuinely inspired by an idea, even if they don’t get it right at the first try, they will figure out how to get there” he said, “It does not matter what the result is…”

BeachMINT [web]


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