UCLA Launches Its First Campus Affiliated Accelerator: StartupUCLA

Several members of the UCLA faculty decided that the time was right to launch an initiative aimed at bringing a technologically focused entrepreneurial culture to the University of California, Los Angeles.

From theDISHdaily:

“This summer marks the beginning of UCLA’s very first startup accelerator program, Startup UCLA. StartupUCLA is a new campus based accelerator that aims to foster an entrepreneurial and tech savvy culture throughout the campus. This year’s program hosts nine startups and will enable the teams to refine their ideas under the guidance of experts in the field.

With the inception of the new incubator, UCLA joins the elite ranks of several other universities around the country with similar programs. This comes as part of a trend amongst universities seeking to enrich and redefine the college experience by offering students the opportunity to innovate while they have the resources of a major research institution on hand.

Stanford’s student-run StartX, Berkeley’ s Entrepreneurship Laboratory, Cornell’s eLabs, and Virginia Tech’s Knowledgeworks are examples of other university focused incubators. Syracuse University, known for spearheading tech and media development in New York, has several including the Raymond Van Dran IDEA and the Syracuse Student Sandbox at the Tech Garden. The proliferation of these incubators points to a renaissance in campus-developed businesses and perhaps even a shift away from the past trend of universities engendering the creation of large corporations toward the inception of smaller more nimble businesses able to proffer solutions to the very problems that universities study so closely…”

StartupUCLA [web]
Mitra Best of PwC Discusses Innovation at StartupUCLA [web]


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