CoLoft Is the Cheers of the LA Tech Ecosystem, Now With Night School

CoLoft Academy will offer classes covering programming, business development, and even accounting in the context of early stage startups.

From Pandodaily:

“As startup ecosystems germinate and blossom, they often do so around a single location. In some cases this epicenter is a late stage startup that spins off talent or even capital. In others it’s an incubator or dominant VC firm. In Los Angeles, at the earliest stages of the current tech renaissance three years ago, this focal point was the upstart co-working space CoLoft.

All it takes is a few minutes hanging out in the space to absorb the passion and collaboration that have become hallmarks of LA’s entrepreneurial community. Many of these very qualities can be traced back to the early influence of CoLoft and its husband and wife founders Avesta and Cam Rasouli. The co-working space is like the “Cheers” of the neighborhood, the place where everyone knows your name.

Today, former CoLoft residents litter the LA startup landscape, many in roles that arose out of late night conversations within the space. CoLoft remains a cornerstone of the local startup community, always adding significantly more value than it extracts…”

Coloft Academy [web]


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