Raising the Entrepreneurial Boom – Howard Marks

As wave after wave of LA’s innovative leaders make their mark by forming game-changing companies, the area once given the moniker of Silicon Beach is quietly carving its own identity.

From C-Suite Quarterly:

“The greater Los Angeles area is disparate and gigantic. There is no easy way to describe the region, its people, and its culture. Hence, negative stereotypes (the easy answers) that have come to be associated with Los Angeles must be dispelled. More important, the ludicrous assertion that Los Angeles is what Hollywood makes it out to be, is patently false. That Los Angeles is mythologized. That Los Angeles is a veneer painted on the city’s surface with the clumsy hands of a distracted world. The city that thrives beneath the false exterior, supplied by people who have never once stepped foot on LA soil, exists in such a state because it doesn’t care. Los Angeles doesn’t care that the world thinks it is full of fakers, rich rude kids, backstabbing actors, leathery nutcases, entertainment executives, surfers, soul-searchers, and immigrants. Why? Because Los Angeles is too busy being better than anyone can imagine…”

StartEngine [web]


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