The LA Startup Scene: How is it Shaping Up?

Here’s a quick look at Silicon Valley vs LA’s startup scene; Investment trends for the LA area.

From VatorNews:

“Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. The two areas share a state, and a common trait of creativity. In other ways, however, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Los Angeles is, of course, the area that people automatically asssociate with Hollywood, and the making of television shows and movies. It’s, perhaps unfairly, known as a place where superficiality reigns and people are celebrated for looking good rather than being smart. Silicon Valley, on the other hand, is closely associated with technology and, let’s be honest, more brains than beauty. (No casting agent in his right mind would ever put Bill Gate’s face on a movie poster for his looks. Sorry Bill!)

Funny thing is, Los Angeles is actually taking what it is best known for (beautiful people) and using them to its advantage in the tech world. As I noted in a recent article about L.A.-based start ups, many actually use celebrities…”

“Built In L.A.” Releases Its First Los Angeles Digital Startup Report [web]
Built in LA report shows that the LA startup ecosystem has come a long, long way [web]


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