Meet TenOneTen, a New LA Fund from Gil Elbaz and David Waxman

The plan is to write checks between $50,000 to $250,000 meaning that TenOneTen will likely be investing as part of a syndicate in most deals, be they Seed stage or Series A.

From PandoDaily:

“As discussed last week, the cat is out of the bag in terms of the rise of the Los Angeles startup ecosystem. With it has come the arrival of a number of new early stage investment funds and investors looking to capitalize on the growth wave. Unlike many newcomers, however, the latest fund to formally announce its presence is not simply hopping on the bandwagon. Rather, TenOneTen Capital has deep LA roots and serious credibility among its founders.

TenOneTen is the creation of former Applied Semantics founder and current Factual founder and CEO Gil Elbaz in partnership with former SpotRunner, PeoplePC, and Firefly Network co-founder David Waxman. Together the two have several decades of success, both in founding and in angel investing in technology ventures. They also share a strong belief in the opportunity that exists in the LA tech ecosystem and a commitment to forwarding its development…”

How TenOneTen Ventures Is Investing In LA’s Technology Future [web]
TenOneTen Ventures [web]


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