Putting the Pedal to the Metal at Amplify

The Amplify partners are dedicated to helping their entrepreneurs build the best companies possible and they throw themselves into it with great passion.

From The Venture Trenches:

“For the first three months of this year, I have had the pleasure of breathing the same air as the crew from Amplify, the Venice based accelerator. As a member of NextSpace I have witnessed Amplify in operation and it is a shop that definitely believes in good rewards stemming from hard work.

As a fourteen-year veteran of the venture industry I have often heard the phrase, “value added investors”, which is usually touted by certain VC’s as their biggest differentiating quality. Typically this means occupying a seat on the board, using recruiters to retain senior management or hiring sharp legal counsel to structure complicated deals. The value that is being “added” is often at arms length or via a specialist who interacts with the entrepreneur. At Amplify I can truly say they take the value-add approach to another level by leading by example, demonstrating what hard work and dedication truly mean while exposing their founders to influential experts and industry change makers. Amplify’s portfolio companies are schooled on every challenge they need to master in order to achieve success. And they do all this in the span of four intense months…”

Amplify [web]


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