How I Built a Killer Tech Company Outside of Silicon Valley

Today, LA’s once sleepy tech scene is on fire, with over 500 startups lining its shores and incubators popping up regularly to turn out hungry new entrepreneurs.

From VentureBeat:

Adam Miller is CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand.

Remember 1999? Silicon Valley was overflowing with hundreds of millions in venture capital, thousands of dot-com business plans, and foosball tables up and down the San Francisco peninsula. I was about 3,000 miles away, incubating my own startup – a technology company designed to help democratize education by aggregating all of the training content littered across the Web – out of my one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. At the time, I had zero customers, little funding, and only a group of friends and former colleagues committed to my idea.

Startups are tough, and one cold, rainy day the thought occurred to me that I should move somewhere less expensive (and warmer), since I could really start a company anywhere. But when I shared this idea, my colleagues and advisors said that I really only had two choices: either stay in New York, where they were, or head for Silicon Valley…”

Cornerstone OnDemand [web]


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