Lessons from a rare $2 billion LA tech win: “I was competing with both hands tied behind my back”

There is a huge opportunity for the next wave of companies to learn from companies like us.

From PandoDaily:

“You hear it over and over again: What the LA ecosystem needs is a big, publicly-traded, home-grown, multi-billion dollar company. Well, there actually is one in LA that almost no one talks about: Cornerstone OnDemand, an enterprise software company that focuses on HR software. And it’s a real enterprise software company, not a consumer company with a freemium model that’s calling itself enterprise to get money and headlines these days. Why doesn’t Cornerstone — with its $2 billion market cap – get more love and attention? It’s partially that the company hasn’t focused on press and also the fact that enterprise software companies just aren’t as widely covered as consumer or ecommerce companies. But it’s also because the company was bootstrapped for much of its existence, growing up in a time in the LA ecosystem when there was little press or attention paid to tech…”

Cornerstone OnDemand [web]


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