LA-based Biotech, C3 Jian, Successfully Completes Phase I Clinical Trial for Tooth Decay Therapeutic

C3 Jian is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing and commercializing novel products to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases related to oral health.

From C3 Jian:

“C3 Jian, Inc., a Los Angeles based private biotechnology company focused on providing improved oral healthcare, announced the successful completion of a Phase 1 clinical trial related to its novel peptide therapeutic product referred to as C16G2. C3 Jian is developing C16G2 for the prevention of dental caries (tooth decay).

The Phase 1 clinical trial was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that included a dose escalation period. The trial focused on evaluating safety and pharmacokinetics, along with initial microbiology of C16G2 administered to healthy adults in a single oral dose of mouth rinse. A total of 36 subjects were enrolled in the study. No C16G2 related events, and no severe or serious adverse events were reported in the study…”

C3 Jian, Inc. [web]
UCLA Startups (partial listing) [web]


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