The little VC that could: How Crosscut Ventures turned $5.1M into a killer early stage portfolio

Crosscut made their fair share of shots count.

From PandoDaily:

“Size matters. But to dispel a commonly repeated myth, bigger isn’t always better – in terms of VC fund size, that is. Many mega-firms have learned as much in recent years, pulling back from billion dollar fund sizes in search of more manageable multi-hundred million dollar sums that can be put to use more effectively.

But at the very opposite end of the spectrum are micro-VCs, which, whether by choice or lack of access to additional capital, have to make due with far, far less. These sub-$50 million dollar funds often find it difficult to support multiple investment partners on the meager fees they generate, and can be handicapped in their ability to write larger checks or double down once they do make a winning early stage bet…”

Crosscut Ventures [web]


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