LA Is A Sleeping Software Titan That’s About To Wake Up

This is the kind of town where you can have green tech, digital tech, bio tech, new media, all intersect together–with analog industries like fashion or music.

From FastCompany:

“Los Angeles will never be Silicon Valley. Too often when they’re compared, L.A. gets the short end of the stick.

As a native Angeleno I get upset when people bash my city’s tech scene from thousands of miles away. I’ve watched it my whole life up close. The city of angels is very much a startup town. Biotech, aerospace, renewable energy, transportation, manufacturing, the defense industry, video games, e-commerce. They’re all just as much L.A. as Hollywood is. But in a strange twist, these are all facts the outside world largely doesn’t know about–and that’s because the city has an image and marketing problem…”



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