Silicon Valley Goes to the Beach

Powered by video and fed by stars, a startup boom in west Los Angeles is giving California a second high-tech mecca

From Time:

The second-floor office of Tradesy, a 16-month-old online consignment shop, has all the requisite trappings of a digital startup. Inside an open, loftlike space, seven 20-somethings work at a central pod of desks near an L-shaped kitchen stocked with free snacks and drinks. Employees’ dogs scamper beneath their feet while a team of programmers, eyes glued to computer screens, huddles in a separate room.

But there is a giveaway clue that Tradesy isn’t based in Silicon Valley or one of the dozens of other tech hubs that have taken root from Austin to Omaha: a deck off the kitchen is piled with surfboards. From there, the Pacific Ocean and the wide white-sand beach of Santa Monica, Calif., is about 300 yards away–easy walking distance when the waves are breaking…



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