UCLA Hosts Conference Uniting Cleantech Inventors and Investors

UCLA researchers meet investors and industry executives who can help commercialize their cleantech inventions.

From EcoSeed:

” LOS ANGELES — The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research (OIP-ISR) is gathering leading innovators and investors in the cleantech industry at its Cleantech & Advanced Materials Industry Partnering Conference today at the UCLA Covel Commons. The conference exemplifies OIP-ISR’s quintessential goal of “driving innovation to market” because it is an opportunity for UCLA researchers to meet investors who can help them commercialize their cleantech products.

2013 has featured many initiatives organized by UCLA OIP-ISR that illustrated its commitment to to the success of green businesses. Among these was its Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program which paired UCLA students, staff and faculty with executives who have invested in a variety of industries. Over the course of this three-month program, the four entrepreneurs who served in this program shared their business expertise directly with members of the UCLA family in consulting roles and to the general public through OIP-ISR’s STARTUPS 101 seminar programs. This group of entrepreneurs included UCLA alumna Sandra Itkoff, a renowned cleantech investor who has also advised cleantech entrepreneurs at the newly formed Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.

One of the OIP-ISR conference’s faculty speakers, UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center (SMERC) Founding Director and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Dr. Rajit Gadh, shared a brief overview of the presentation he will be giving on electric vehicle (EV) technology in a September 2013 email message…”

SMERC [web]
LA Cleantech Incubator [web]


Silicon Beach Fest: Tech Meets Content

The fest focused primarily on the businesses that make L.A. great — entertainment, games, and marketing.

From L.A. Biz:

“For anyone who still harbors doubt that the Westside is still the best side of Los Angeles, the emergence of Silicon Beach helps strengthen the case. Last week’s Silicon Beach Fest, only in its second year, saw 3,000 in attendance, a 50 percent increase from last year’s event. While not the epicenter of startup culture, the Santa Monica and Venice scene has attracted the attention of content creators who are eager to meet kids who know how to code, but don’t want to drive six hours to Palo Alto.

The fest focused primarily on the businesses that make L.A. great — entertainment, games, and marketing. While more than 100 startups made an appearance, it lacked star power from either the tech or creative community…”


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Silicon Beach Fest Celebrating L.A. Tech Scene Kicks off Today, June 19

The four-day event will feature panels, start-up pitch events and parties for L.A. techies. The majority of events will take place in Santa Monica.

From LA Times:

“Silicon Beach Fest, aimed at boosting the growing Los Angeles technology scene, is back for its second year.

The four-day tech entertainment festival officially kicks off Wednesday with an opening party and a start-up demo day.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will feature panels on topics including ad tech, digital content, branding and marketing, e-commerce, gaming and design. There will also be events such as a start-up showcase, food truck lunch and meet-and-greets with local venture capitalists.

The majority of events will take place at tech co-working spaces Cross Campus and ROC in downtown Santa Monica…”

Silicon Beach Fest [web]

Silicon Beach LA’s Inaugural Spring Hiring Blitz Brings Together the Brightest Applicants and Hottest Tech Companies in Los Angeles

We need a high-tech career fair that opens conversation between companies and talented people from across LA’s colleges and universities.

From BusinessWire:

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Silicon Beach LA announced its inaugural Spring Hiring Blitz 2013 which will take place on Saturday, June 15th, 2013 from 10:00am-4:00pm at Loyola Marymount University’s – University Hall (Atrium) – in Los Angeles, CA.

The Blitz will feature a job fair, a panel of some of the most successful LA entrepreneurs including Brock Pierce (Playsino), Sam Kim (PaeDae), and others discussing what they look for when they’re hiring, a surprise guest keynote and appearances by leading tech companies and startups including: PaeDae, Leads360, goFlow Surf, Kluge Interactive, HereOnBiz, Cornerstone OnDemand, Plug.dj, Picture Healing, Nasty Gal, At The Pool and many more.

“Silicon Beach, LA – as a location and community – has come so far in just a few short years, and yet its Achilles’ heel is still startups having difficulty finding enough qualified talent. With the combined support of prominent startup companies, local community groups, and the top local universities and design schools we’re creating a quarterly offline hub for everyone looking for employment in the Silicon Beach community – from interns all the way up to C-level executives,” said Silicon Beach LA co-founder, Robert Lambert…”

Silicon Beach LA [web]

The LA Startup Scene: How is it Shaping Up?

Here’s a quick look at Silicon Valley vs LA’s startup scene; Investment trends for the LA area.

From VatorNews:

“Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. The two areas share a state, and a common trait of creativity. In other ways, however, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Los Angeles is, of course, the area that people automatically asssociate with Hollywood, and the making of television shows and movies. It’s, perhaps unfairly, known as a place where superficiality reigns and people are celebrated for looking good rather than being smart. Silicon Valley, on the other hand, is closely associated with technology and, let’s be honest, more brains than beauty. (No casting agent in his right mind would ever put Bill Gate’s face on a movie poster for his looks. Sorry Bill!)

Funny thing is, Los Angeles is actually taking what it is best known for (beautiful people) and using them to its advantage in the tech world. As I noted in a recent article about L.A.-based start ups, many actually use celebrities…”

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LA’s Innovators Get Spotlight, But Investors Cautious

Local angel and venture investors seemed determined to avoid a repeat of the past

From SocalTech:

“The Los Angeles innovation economy is alive, well, and looks to be getting widespread recognition–finally–beyond just local high tech investors and executives, based on the turnout at an event Wednesday held by CSQ, which publishes a quarterly magazine focused on different industries (philanthropy, sports, entertainment, technology) focused on Los Angeles and Ventura County.

The magazine turned its attention this month towards the Los Angeles innovation and technology economy in a section guest edited by StartEngine co-founder Howard Marks, including a reception held Wednesday evening at the Viceroy in Santa Monica…”


Amplify’s LA Showcase is exactly what this town needs

The LA startup scene is vibrant and diverse and we want to make sure that is widely known…

From Pandodaily:

“We all go to events put on by well meaning accelerators pimping their best startups. But earlier this week at something called the LA Showcase, Amplify did something different.

The private event was an afternoon of speed-dating between startups and investors – many of which flew in from the Bay Area specifically for the day – hosted by the accelerator, LA-based Crosscut Ventures, Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick & West, and Silicon Valley Bank.

The interesting part was that, despite the obvious temptation, the participating startups weren’t solely Amplify companies. Rather it included a “curated selection of the best of LA seed stage startups…”

Amplify LA [web]