8 LA Co-working Spaces You Need to Check Out

Knowing where the best co-working spaces are is key to anyone looking for information, resources and colleagues to grow their business.

From BuiltinLA:

“The core of any entrepreneurial tech ecosystem is filled with co-working spaces. This is where tech events are hosted, where entrepreneurs meet and where young companies spend their early days grinding away. These spaces represent the communal life of startup culture. Knowing where the best coworking spaces are is key to anyone looking for information, resources and colleagues to grow their business. Here are some of Los Angeles’ must know co-working spaces…”



#SBF Reveals What’s Next On The L.A. Tech Horizon

Silicon Beach Fest was a rousing four-day phenomenon.

From Neon Tommy:

“With 300-plus speakers and more than 2,000 industry professionals in attendance, Silicon Beach Fest welcomed the brightest minds in the L.A. tech scene to discuss new ideas, introduce disruptive technologies and share a glimpse into our collective, connected future. The third-annual, four-day event took place throughout various locations in Santa Monica, attracting not only developers and techies, but Hollywood executives, startup CEOs, city officials and everyone in between.

At a panel on digital video content, YouTube celebrities shared their experiences and successes in the ecosystem of the online video world where megolith multi-channel networks (MCNs) and independents battle for eyeballs, analytics, audiences and ad dollars…”

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Analysis Finds L.A.’s Tech Scene Outgrowing Hollywood

Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world and home to more than 2200 startups.

From FastCompany:

“Mayor Garcetti told Fast Company that “Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world and home to more than 2200 startups. Our diverse population, talent pool, great universities, Pacific Rim location, and innovative make L.A. the ideal city to foster new ideas and businesses.” But in order to get those startups, the City of Angels has to tackle some challenges. For one, it has lots of talent, lots of startups, but not so much venture capital, according to the semi-annual Los Angeles Startup Ecosystem Report, published by incubator Be Great Partners with the assistance of Los Angeles’s city government and provided in advance of publication to Fast Company. It paints a picture of a booming tech sector that, surprisingly, is fueled mainly by business products, mobile services, and biotech rather than entertainment. Compared to other prominent secondary startup hubs like Boston and Chicago, Los Angeles is lagging in attracting venture capitalists. Here’s more…”


Silicon Beach Fest: Tech Meets Content

The fest focused primarily on the businesses that make L.A. great — entertainment, games, and marketing.

From L.A. Biz:

“For anyone who still harbors doubt that the Westside is still the best side of Los Angeles, the emergence of Silicon Beach helps strengthen the case. Last week’s Silicon Beach Fest, only in its second year, saw 3,000 in attendance, a 50 percent increase from last year’s event. While not the epicenter of startup culture, the Santa Monica and Venice scene has attracted the attention of content creators who are eager to meet kids who know how to code, but don’t want to drive six hours to Palo Alto.

The fest focused primarily on the businesses that make L.A. great — entertainment, games, and marketing. While more than 100 startups made an appearance, it lacked star power from either the tech or creative community…”


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Science takes movie studio approach to startups, raising $30M

Science approaches startups like a movie studio approaches making hits.

From Upstart:

“Science, the Santa Monica, California, incubator run by former MySpace boss Mike Jones, is very different from accelerators like Y Combinator and TechStars in most respects.

But in one important way, money, it’s gaining traction similar to those programs. Science is in the process of raising $30 million, TechCrunch reports. That would add significantly to its pile of capital for investing in startups. And Science already has a pretty big war chest, having raised $10 million from investors including Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, and another $30 million from Hearst Media Corp…”

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Why Los Angeles Could Become the Next Technology Epicenter

Incubators and accelerators are popping up everywhere; multi-million dollar startups with worldwide recognition are tracing their roots back to L.A.; and celebrities are adopting tech companies as pet projects.

From The Next Web:

“Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest and most glamorous cities — it dominates the entertainment industry, produces tremendous wealth and stands as symbol of American promise and success.

That’s what made the city’s longtime status as a second or third tier technology hub perplexing. The emerging tech scene in the area comes nowhere close to Silicon Valley’s technological prominence. Other U.S. cities — including New York, Seattle and Boston — have also seemed to leave the City of Angels in the dust…”


The LA Startup Scene: How is it Shaping Up?

Here’s a quick look at Silicon Valley vs LA’s startup scene; Investment trends for the LA area.

From VatorNews:

“Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. The two areas share a state, and a common trait of creativity. In other ways, however, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Los Angeles is, of course, the area that people automatically asssociate with Hollywood, and the making of television shows and movies. It’s, perhaps unfairly, known as a place where superficiality reigns and people are celebrated for looking good rather than being smart. Silicon Valley, on the other hand, is closely associated with technology and, let’s be honest, more brains than beauty. (No casting agent in his right mind would ever put Bill Gate’s face on a movie poster for his looks. Sorry Bill!)

Funny thing is, Los Angeles is actually taking what it is best known for (beautiful people) and using them to its advantage in the tech world. As I noted in a recent article about L.A.-based start ups, many actually use celebrities…”

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