$811M Funding Record for LA Tech in the 3rd Quarter of 2014

Los Angeles digital tech startups raised more than they ever have, totaling $811 million in funding.

From BuiltInLA:

“The good news isn’t stopping for Los Angeles tech. In the third quarter of 2014, Los Angeles digital tech startups raised more than they ever have, totaling $811 million in funding. They also exited to quite a nice tune, selling off for a total of $2.417 billion. All in all, 51 companies received funding and six exited via acquisitions.

Funding: $811 million
Exits: $2.417 billion

That increased funding is no doubt because outsiders are seeing the potential of LA startups more and more. Just this week PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel called LA tech the most “underestimated” region in the country. Thiel said to the LA Times: “I’d definitely be short New York and long L.A.”



University of California Publishes Annual Report: UCLA #1 in Startups Launched

In FY 2013, University of California (UC) researchers submitted 1,727 new inventions – an average of nearly 5 a day, 365 days a year – bringing UC’s total portfolio to more than 11,500 inventions; entered into 427 new IP licensing agreements providing industry access to UC inventions; and launched 71 new startup companies.

UCLA ranked highest among the UC campuses in number of startups launched, and other technology transfer metrics featured in the FY 13 report.


How much is Los Angeles Tech Booming? Funding up 163% and Deals Up 180%

$4.71B has been invested across 1081 tech deals in the last five years into LA’s tech scene.

From CB Insights:

“Los Angeles’ tech industry has grown into its own over the past five years. Total funding to Los Angeles tech companies has nearly tripled, early stage funding has grown, and the mobile & telecom sector has quadrupled in funding share.

This analysis provides an in-depth look at the financing and exit landscape to tech companies in the Los Angeles region as well as the investors and companies fueling the LA tech startup ecosystem. If interested in more LA data, you may also want the previously issued Los Angeles Venture Capital Almanac and our research brief on LA’s largest VC-backed exits…”


10 Most Well-Funded Startup Neighborhoods in LA

Why are there so many funded startups on the Westside?

From builtinla:

“The Internet’s ability to flatten national borders, shorten distances and hyperlink individuals would seem to make the physical location of a business completely irrelevant. Yet tech, the industry that appears least tethered to the ground, tends to cluster around specific locations.

Within the LA tech community this is no exception. By mapping Built In LA’s 2013 digital funding startup data across LA zip codes, it’s clear that a huge majority of funded businesses in LA reside on the Westside.

Intuitively, this is not surprising because Santa Monica and Venice-based companies are frequently in the headlines. However, the degree to which companies based in these areas receive funding shows a tech ecosystem thriving mostly on the Westside. In total, companies headquartered within Westside zip codes received $741 million of funding out of approximately $1.1 billion invested in greater LA in 2013…”


California Still Home to Most Women-Owned Businesses

California has an estimated 1.1 million women-owned firms, 427,800 in LA alone. These businesses employ 984,000 (393,400 in LA) and contribute $200 billion ($85.3 billion in LA) to the economy.

From L.A. Biz:

Business is picking up for women in California, and across the country, according to the fourth annual American Express OPEN State the of Women-Owned Businesses Report.

“We’ve seen much more diversity in the kinds of businesses women are owning over the past 10 to 15 years,” Julie Weeks tells me. Weeks is an American Express OPEN research advisor and author of the report. “We looked at the number of women-owned businesses started every day,” says Weeks.

Weeks is the President and CEO of Womenable, a for-profit social enterprise that looks to grown women’s entrepreneurship worldwide. Her report analyzed the 1997, 2002, and 2007 data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s quinquennial business census, the Survey of Business Owners..


Los Angeles Tech Venture Capital Almanac

Detailing the trends and players in Los Angeles’s growing technology venture capital ecosystem.

From CB Insights:

“Los Angeles has its roots firmly in the entertainment business and the creative industries. But over the past several years, the greater LA area has developed a burgeoning array of tech startups operating in diverse markets ranging from eCommerce to mobile messaging to multi-channel networks. Among the emerging tech companies that call LA home are Snapchat, Nasty Gal and Fullscreen.

And while venture capital financing to the LA tech ecosystem trails that of other U.S. venture markets such as New York and Silicon Valley, it’s clear that venture capital investors see the Southern California hotbed as an increasingly attractive area for tech innovation and creativity that can appeal to the masses. Since the start of 2009, venture investors have deployed $3.5 billion across 525 deals involving tech companies in the greater Los Angeles area…”

Venture Almanac data shows a healthy and maturing SoCal startup ecosystem [web]

LA Startup Report 2013 – A Rising Forecast

Los Angeles is 3rd in the global startup ecosystem, behind Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley.

From TechZulu:

Be Great Partners, a Los Angeles technology incubator, has recently released a report on the startup community in LA and the information shows a positive growth for startups here in LA. Los Angeles is 3rd in the global startup ecosystem, behind Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. 94 new startups have launched since January 2013 to June 2013 and the startup ecosystem has raised $500 million in funding in 2013 so far. The numbers are promising and even with some problems arising in LA’s startup community, LA has found ways to keep pushing through.

Los Angeles has a diverse area of startups. Be Great recognizes seven main startup points in Los Angeles: “Silicon Beach”, West LA, Culver City, Pasadena, Orange County, South Bay, and Downtown LA. The wide range of startups is great and creates more opportunities for new talent and entrepreneurs to join the Los Angeles area…